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Google Fi Review Update: What Do I Think After 4 Months of International Travel

So about 6 months ago, I reviewed Google Fi on YouTube.  It’s been my most popular video. Since I’ve been traveling internationally using Google Fi for about 4 months now, I figured it was time for an update.

My Original Video Review of Google Fi

For those that don't know, Google Fi, formerly known as Project Fi, is Google's phone service. You can use Google Fi in over 200 countries and unlike most other carriers, your phone plan never changes while traveling. More about the phone plan in a moment.


So what do I think of Google Fi after traveling internationally?  

I absolute love it for one simple reason: IT JUST WORKS!

In the past 4 months, I’ve lived in Peru, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.  As soon as my flight touched down in each on of those countries, I received a little message from Google Fi saying “Welcome to Peru, give us a moment to set up your phone service.” A few minutes later, my phone just worked.  It's that simple.  

I don’t have to worry about SIM cards, phone or data costs, changing my phone number, or setting up an international service

plan with my phone carrier. My plan is my plan no matter where I am. Google Fi costs $20 a month, plus $10 for each gig of data you use up to 6 gig.  After 6 gig, the data doesn’t cost you a penny more - no matter what country you're in.  When you’re traveling internationally, phone calls cost 20 cents a minute. However, if you have a Google Fi phone like I do — I have the Pixel 3 - you can call on WiFi for free.  I've never paid for an international phone call.  

I spent most of my time in the cities of Lima, Peru, Santiago, Chile, Medellin, Colombia, and Mexico City, Mexico. In all four cities, I was on 4G LTE about 95% of the time.  Occasionally, I’d be on 3G but that was very rare.

I also visited more rural areas in each country. To my surprise, my phone worked in most of these places as well.  I hiked the Inca Trail

Google Fi worked at Machu Picchu

to Machu Picchu in Peru and I had 4G or 3G almost the entire time. I even posted to my Instagram account during the hike. In Colombia, I had 4G while wake boarding in the more rural area of Guatape. The only place I had a little trouble with service was Patagonia.  I’d occasionally get 3G, but most of the time I needed to be on Wi-Fi.  That being said, it's Patagonia! It's in the middle of nowhere, so I was surprised I had any service at all.

Overall, I am very happy with Google Fi. I don't think any other phone service compares and I can't recommend it highly enough.

Check Out the Video Version of this Review Here

I'm headed to Southeast Asia in a couple weeks! I'll be living in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan for a month each.  I’ll make sure I update you on how Google Fi works there as well!

See you soon and thanks for stopping by.



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