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Don't Go to Halong Bay, Go to Lan Ha Bay

In Northeastern Vietnam there is this a place like no other.  It’s like something out of a CS Lewis novel or James Cameron film.  It’s a cross between Narnia and Pandora. It’s a mystical place that almost seems fake when you see pictures of it - but it’s not - it’s real - and even more beautiful than in the pictures.  I’m talking about Ha Long Bay and Ha Long Bay’s lesser known neighbor - Lan Ha Bay!  

Ok — so why visit Lan Ha Bay over its more famous neighbor, Ha Long Bay? It's pretty simple, Ha Long Bay is saturated with tourist.  You can get the exact same scenery and beauty with far fewer tourist by going a few kilometers southwest to Lan Ha Bay.  

Looking out at one of the many islands in Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay is located just off the coast of Cat Ba Island.  Ha Long Bay covers an area of a little over 1500 square kilometers and has around 1900 small islands.  Lan Ha Bay is only 76 square kilometers and has around 400 small islands.  While Lan Ha Bay is much smaller but there are more islands per square kilometer.  Lan Ha Bay also feels bigger because there are far fewer boats than Ha Long Bay.  There were many times I felt like we were the only boat in the entire bay.  We were able to explore secluded beaches and coves with just my group and some local fisherman hanging out.

Watch My Vlog About Lan Ha Bay Here

So if you're heading to Vietnam and are considering going to Halong Bay, take a look at Lan Ha Bay, you might find it's a better option.

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