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5 Things You Should Never Do In Croatia

It's been a while since I've updated this blog, but I am back! I've been devoting a lot of time lately to building my YouTube channel. One of the new video series I started is called "Never Do This."

This blog is a companion to my video called 5 Things You Should Never Do in Croatia. Here are those five things:

Never Talk About Politics

There are lots of sensitive topics surrounding the war with Serbia and the break up of Yugoslavia. It's only been a couple decades since the war. So most families were impacted in a very personal way. It’s better not to get into these discussions.

Despite a war in the 90s, Croatian cities are still prestine.
Dubrovnik Croatia

Never Forget to Tip

I spent 8 months in South America and Southeast Asia where tipping isn't the norm. I was so accustomed to not tipping that I forgot to tip the first restaurant I ate at in Croatia. I later learned that 10% is customary and you can bump that up to 15% for exceptional service.

After publishing the companion vlog about tipping in Croatia, I received a lot of feedback. Croatians told me that tipping is only necessary in touristy locations and that most Croatians don't tip.

Never Leave Trash on the Beach

Croatia is a beautiful country with amazing beaches.  Croatians have done a really good job keeping their beaches very clean compared to many other places I've visited.  

There are public trash cans every where in Croatia and they are are picked up regularly.  There is no excuse for littering when there is always a trashcan within walking distance.

Prestine Croatian Beach
Beach in Croatia

Never Take the Train in Croatia

In most cases, never take the train in Croatia. Unlike much of Europe, Croatia’s train system isn’t the best.  They don’t run very often.  For example, there are only two trains that go from the capital of Zagreb to the major city of Split.  And those trains take a long time.  

The train ride from Zagreb to Split takes almost 6 hours. It only takes 4 hours to drive and 45 minutes to fly. The flight will cost you less than $50 US dollars.  So opt for a bus or plane instead of the train.

Beautiful sunset in Split Croatia
Sunsets in Split Croatia are amazing!

Never Call Croatia Yugoslavia or the former Yugoslavia

Similar to discussing politics, this is a sensitive subject.  This would be like calling the US, the former England.  Yes, we were a part of England at one time, but we are not the former England.  Same thing: Croatia is Croatia. Yugoslavia was a different country that no longer exists. Call Croatia....Croatia!

What do you think? Do you agree with this five things? Do you have more to add? Let me know in the comments.

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