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Why I Chose Remote Year to Start Full Time Travel

If you've searched for anything travel related on the internet, odds are Facebook has figured that out and is blasting you with travel related ads. One of those ads might be from a company called Remote Year. I was one of those people that clicked on that ad and decided to sign up.

Remote Year

In March 2019, I leave on a 12-month adventure that will take me to:

  • Lima, Peru

  • Santiago, Chile

  • Medellin, Columbia

  • Mexico City, Mexico

  • Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Kyoto, Japan

  • Lisbon, Portugal

  • Valencia, Spain

  • Split, Croatia

  • Cape Town, South Africa

Remote Year


What is Remote Year?

In a nutshell, Remote Year curates work and travel programs for professionals to work remotely as part of a community from different cities around the world. Most people who participate in Remote Year don't quit their jobs like I'm doing. They become digital nomads and do their current job remotely. In my case, I'm actually creating a job, but we'll discuss that later when I reveal why I chose Remote Year to begin my digital nomad life.


What Does Remote Year Cost?

Without any discount, Remote Year costs $27,000 for 12 months. That includes a $5000 down payment and $2000 a month for 11 months. You don't pay anything for the last month and if you leave any time during Remote Year you don't have to continue to pay $2000 a month. However, you lose your down payment.

In my case, I received a discount of $1250 dollars because I committed to Remote Year in advance. My total costs will end up being $25,750. I paid a $3750 down payment ($1250 discount) and then I'll pay $2000 a month for 11 months. Remote Year ends up costing me $2145 a month. I know that sounds like a lot and I could probably do it cheaper on my own, but I'll explain later why I chose Remote Year. I currently pay $3500 for a tiny studio in Manhattan, so $2145 sounds like a bargain!

Remote Year


What Do You Get for That Money?

Travel Expenses: The cost includes the travel expenses from one country to the next, 11 countries total. You have to pay for your flight to the first country. For example, in my case the first country we're visiting is Lima, Peru. I need to get from where I live, New York City, to our first stop Lima, Peru. After that, all the costs associated with travel to the other 11 countries Remote Year handles.

Lodging: The next thing that's included in that cost is all your lodging expenses. Sometimes you have multiple roommates, sometimes you have one roommate, sometimes you have no roommates. It just depends on the country and the availability of lodging. Remote Year takes care of all lodging expenses for all 12 countries.

Co-Working Space: The next thing you get is all of your co-working space fees. Remote Year either owns a co-working space or has a partnership with a co-working space in all 12 cities you visit. The whole point of Remote Year is to work remotely and to live a digital nomad lifestyle, so it makes sense that co-working space fees are part of the program.

Remote Year

Program Coordinator & Local Team: Next, the cost includes is a Program Coordinator that travels with the group and handles any issues that come up. For example, if there's some kind of issue with the flight or getting the group to and from the airport I don't have to worry about that, the Program Coordinator handles that. In addition to that Program Coordinator, there is a local team of individuals that plan events in each city that we live in. That team also organizes social and professional events to learn new skills and to network.

Lastly, I'm traveling with a group of professionals that are working remotely. I have a built in group of like-minded individuals to bounce ideas off of and use as a resource to grow and develop.

So, in a nutshell, I'm paying for a company to coordinate flights, accommodations, work spaces and local experiences, a staff to handle all the logistics and access to a large network of traveling professionals.

Remote Year

Why Did I Chose Remote Year?

Why did I choose Remote Year instead of figuring all this out on my own? I'm leaving my job as a corporate lawyer in New York City because I want to travel and build something of my own. I plan on focusing full time on my YouTube channel (also called 30 And A Wake Up) and this blog and see where that takes me. Remote Year appealed to me for three different reasons:

First: They handle all the logistics. I really like the idea that I can focus on just building my YouTube channel and blog the first year.

Second: I knew this program would force me out of my comfort zone and I'd go to places that I probably would not have selected on my own. In this 12-month program, I'm going to visit four continents and live in 12 different cities, 10 of them I've never been before and three or four that I probably would never have considered going to. I'm really excited to get out of my comfort zone and document that journey.

Three: I really like the community aspect of Remote Year. I'm a pretty introverted person and it's already hard for me to meet new people. So, again, I like that I'll be forced out of my comfort zone a little bit. I'll be living and working around like-minded individuals and it would have been a lot harder for me to get that exposure traveling on my own. I've already met many of the people I'll be traveling with and it's an amazing group of talented and diverse individuals, I'm really excited about that!

I assumed I'd be the only lawyer, but there's actually three of us in the group I'm traveling with. There is also another individual just like me, devoting her time to building her YouTube, Instagram and blog. It's going to be nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of.

Remote Year

That's why I chose Remote Year. I know that many will say that I could have done it much cheaper on my own, and I don't disagree with that. However, anyone who embarks on this type of lifestyle has to figure out what works best for them. Remote Year might not make sense for some people but when I factored in everything, it made sense for me.

I am not being sponsored by Remote Year in any way. I plan on giving an honest review of Remote Year throughout the months so others can use that as a resource to figure out if this program is right for them. Check out my video about why I chose Remote Year as well!

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