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Quit My Stuff - Why I Became a Minimalist

Why I Became A Minimalist


My journey towards minimalism led to me to where I am today: Able to fit everything I own into my 30-liter Osprey backpack and small messenger bag.

But that change didn’t happen overnight. It wasn’t planned . . . . it just naturally happened as my mentality and lifestyle evolved and changed.

Like many others, I associated happiness and accomplishment with the accumulation of stuff: The more stuff I have, the better I will feel, and the more successful I will look to others.

I was WRONG!

My Vlog About My Journey To Minimalism


First off, the stuff didn’t make me happy at all -- it just accumulated. Second, pursuing things that made me look successful to others only left me feeling empty and unfulfilled. Why was I doing stuff to make others happy and not stuff to make myself happy?

I would later realize that an unintended side effect of accumulating stuff was losing my freedom. I became so tied down by my stuff both financially and physically, that I couldn’t do the things I wanted to do in life.

So the answer to the question, why I became a minimalist, is one simple word: Freedom

Minimalism has provided me with the freedom I craved for a long time but didn’t know why I didn’t have. Freedom is what makes me happy -- so that’s what I am focused on now.

On the other side of stuff was freedom for me, maybe it’s the same for you.

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