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Get 100 Subscribers on Youtube - How I Did It!


I just got to 100 subscribers on YouTube this week and I’m pretty excited about it! I know, I know. . .that might not sound like a big deal, but I think most YouTube content creators would tell you that their first 100 subscribers were the most difficult to get.

So, I figured I'd share what I did to get there and what I could have done better to get there quicker. There are three things I did, that you can do as well, to get to 100 subscribers.

Start Making Videos

First, you have to start making videos to get YouTube subscribers. Even if your videos are terrible at first, start posting them. You'll get better over time and you will never improve if you don’t start.

In my opinion, most of my videos are not that great, but 100 people liked them enough to subscribe to my channel. If I can get 100 subscribers with my videos, I guarantee you that so can you!

My YouTube Video About Hitting 100 Subscribers

Share Your Videos

The second thing I did that helped me get to 100 subscribers was: I started sharing my videos on my personal social media accounts. I shared my videos on my Facebook page, on my Twitter page, and on my Instagram feed.

Many of your friends and family are going to be interested in what you're doing, so capitalize on their views and likes to help grow your channel.

Comment on Other YouTube Channels

Lastly, I started commenting on videos from other YouTube content creators that I enjoyed watching. Now don't get me wrong, I am not talking about the infamous "Sub for Sub" comments. Never, ever ever do that!

I am talking about thoughtful comments on videos you were already going to watch. You do this, and more people will find your channel.


Those are the three things I did to get 100 subscribers. Now let's talk about the two things I could have done better to grow my channel faster, and what I'll be doing in the future to grow my channel even more.

Post Videos Regularly

First, I should have posted videos on a more consistent basis. I would make a bunch of videos for a couple weeks and then disappear for months at a time. This is a bad strategy for growing a YouTube channel.

When people like your channel, they want to see more content. If they don't get content from you, they will go and find it elsewhere and will be less likely to watch your videos in the future.

In addition to keeping your audience interested, the more consistent content you put out, the more likely other people are to find you. So, posting videos regularly is something I need to do better. If you post regularly, you will get to 100 subscribers much faster than I did.

Learn SEO

The last thing I could have done better was learn SEO. SEO is "Search Engine Optimization." YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world next to Google (who owns YouTube -- so it's all connected). If you learn SEO and apply it to your videos, you will get more views and subscribers because more people will be able find your videos when they search.

I do not personally know enough about SEO to tell you how to use it effectively, but there are plenty of resources out there on YouTube and other places. I am currently working on leveling up my SEO skill and learning as much as I can.


So, there you have it – those are my recommendations. If you have any ideas for how to grow a YouTube channel to 100 subscribers, or 200 subscribers, or 1000 subscribers, please share in the comment section below. I know I would appreciate it, and I'm sure others reading this blog would as well!

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