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365 Day Airbnb Stay in NYC Update


So, I wanted to give a quick update on my 365-day Airbnb challenge here in New York City.

My Original Challenge Video

I originally booked my Airbnb in Hell's Kitchen for 60 days but recently decided to extend it until March. There are a couple reasons for this.

First, my landlord knocked off a little over $500 dollars a month off my monthly rate. This reduction in cost put me close to the range I’d be paying on a normal lease for a fully furnished studio that includes utilities and internet.

Tour of My Hell's Kitchen Airbnb

Second, and probably more importantly, the Airbnb I am currently staying in is only at 2-minute walk from my work.

I am an attorney at a corporate law firm, so I work some pretty crazy hours. With it starting to get cold here in New York, I like the idea of having a very, very short commute.

My Hell's Kitchen Neighborhood

Hell's Kitchen Neighborhood Airbnb

In March, my plan is to get an Airbnb in the West Village neighborhood of New York. If you’re a fan of the show Friends, there is actually an Airbnb studio apartment available in the building that Monica, Rachel, Chandler and Joey lived in.

Outside the "Friends" Apartment

Friends Apartment in the West Village of NYC

My goal is to get into that building if possible! I’ll keep you posted!

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