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$3500 a Month Airbnb Studio in New York

About a month ago, I wrote a blog post about my plan to live in Airbnbs for a year in New York –– I finally arrived at my first Airbnb!

Here is My Video Tour of My First Airbnb in New York


I booked this studio for 60 days on Airbnb for $3,500 a month. The price includes all utilities, internet, cable, and housekeeping services.

Airbnb New York

The studio is located in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood on the west side of Manhattan. Central Park, Times Square, and the Theater District are all within walking distance from where my studio is located.


Airbnb in New York


More importantly, I'm surrounded by dozens of small, ethnically diverse, mom and pop restaurants including Caribbean, Afghan, Ethiopian, Argentine, Peruvian, Pakistani and many, many more.

A Few Photos I Shot in Near My Apartment in Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen Neighborhood


I am excited about exploring this part of New York and sharing the experiences with my readers. If you know of any good spots in Hell's Kitchen –– let me know!

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