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Why the Name "30 And A Wake Up?"

A lot of people have asked me to explain why I chose the name "30 And A Wake Up," so I figured I'd write a blog post explaining it.


Where I Got the Idea for the Name

I spent 20 years in the military and made 6 deployments. While deployed, military members like to countdown the days until they return home. Instead of saying we have "100 days until we return home," we say we have “99 and a wake up” to make it seem like a shorter time period. This military expression was the inspiration for the name of this blog and my YouTube channel.

Me On Top of the Rock of Gibraltar with a Monkey in 1999

On top of the Rock of Gibraltar with a Monkey

Why I Chose the Name "30 And A Wake Up"

There are a couple of reasons I chose this name other than the military connection. My goal is to eventually travel full time, bouncing from country to country. I'd like to spend a little more time in a location than the typical vacation, but I also get happy feet, and would like to move around frequently.

As I began researching visa requirements, I discovered that most countries allow US passport holders to stay at least thirty days visa free. Thirty days in a country seemed to fit my desired travel style. I'd be able to stay long enough to see and experience things beyond the typical tourist stuff, but I'd also get to satisfy my desire to go somewhere new.

Don't get me wrong, thirty days isn't set in stone –– if I'm in a country like Malaysia that allows US passport holders to stay longer than thirty days on a travel visa –– I might just stay over thirty days. But I believe that thirty days is a good baseline for most of my travels.

Me in Paris in 2018

Paris Streets

I hope this explains the name!

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