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Amateur Vlogger's Review of the Sony a6500

I know, I know....there are a ton of reviews of the Sony a6500 out there on the interwebs, why read this one? Because this review is by a complete amateur –– ME! This is the first decent camera I have ever owned, and I have no video or photography background whatsoever. So, this review might offer a little different perspective than most. I've also made a video if you prefer that kind of review.

Here's my video review!


Why Did I Chose the Sony a6500?

I did a lot of research before purchasing the a6500. I wanted a lightweight camera, that was durable and could shoot both high quality video and take great photos. The a6500 seemed to fit that bill, so I pulled the trigger.

Photo I took with my a6500 and the Sony 16-70mm Zeiss Lens

Photo of U.S. Capitol taken with Sony A6500

What I Like About the Sony a6500

I'll be honest with you, there are so many things I like about this camera that I could ramble on and on about it –– but for the sake of brevity, here are the top 3 things I like.

1 –– The a6500 is lightweight, durable and easy to fit into my 30L Osprey travel backpack. This was probably the most important consideration for me. I like to travel very light. I wanted a quality camera that was small and compact –– that I could find lenses for –– that were also small and compact. I found a modular camera packing cube made for the a6500 on Amazon, and it's worked perfectly for packing everything I need to shoot. I am able to carry my a6500 with the 16-70mm Sony Zeiss lens attached and my Sigma 16mm lens in that packing cube without taking up too much space in my backpack.

2 –– With this camera, I can grow as a videographer and photographer. I wanted a camera that was easy enough to use as a novice but that I could grow into as I leveled up my skills. Right now, this camera makes me look way better than I am and that should only get better as I learn to use its features. I haven't even used 120fps yet!

3 –– The autofocus is amazing. The camera seems to know when I want something in focus and when I want something blurred out. I have no idea how it figures it out, but I love it. Check out this video at about the 10 second mark –– seemingly on cue, the camera focuses on the Eiffel Tower in the background as I'm vlogging about it.


What I Don't Like About the Sony a6500

With just about anything you buy, there are going to be some things you don't like –– the a6500 was no exception. There are my 3 gripes about the a6500.

1 –– The screen doesn't flip out. In the age of selfies and vloggers, it baffles me why Sony didn't include a flip screen with this camera. They have the technology and I know I would have paid the extra cost for a flip screen (as I think most people would have). There is a solution, but I think it's pretty crappy that I need to buy another screen and somehow attach it to my camera. All that being said – I've made due with the lack of flip screen by taking test photos and videos to make sure I'm in frame. But it would be nice if I could just flip out my screen though!

2 –– The menu is really clunky, and the touch screen function doesn't work very well when you're trying to scroll through the menu options. I feel like I am using an interface from 2002. Again, I kind of feel like Sony dropped the ball here.

3 –– The battery life is borderline terrible, especially when shooting video. The camera came with two batteries and this just isn't enough for a day of shooting video and taking pictures. My fix was to buy two extra, off brand batteries from Wasabi. But Sony really should invest in more robust battery technology.

These issues are really more of an inconvenience than deal breakers –– and there are workarounds. However, in my opinion, if Sony fixes these issues, this would be the perfect camera. Get hot Sony!!!!

Photo I Took with My a6500 and 16mm Sigma f1.4 lens – them colors!

Photo shot with Sony A6500 in Montmartre in Paris

What Lenses Do I Have?

I currently have two lenses for my a6500, the Sigma 16mm f1.4 lens and the Sony 16-70mm Zeiss f4 lens. I primarily use the 16-70mm during the day and I switch over to the Sigma 16mm at night. I will probably do a more in-depth review of these two lenses in the future when I get more comfortable using them.

Video Shot By Me Using my a6500 and Sigma 16mm Lens


This Made Using the Camera Easier For Me

I was initially struggling with the color in my videos. I tried all the Sony presets and didn't really like any of them. In addition, I am a below average video editor and trying to add luts to my videos seemed to make them worse! Then I found EOSHD. I downloaded the color profiles and set them up in my camera –– I haven't had any issues since. I love the look the EOSHD presets give my videos. I'm sure more advanced shooters could figure out these settings on their own –– but for me, I needed a shortcut. This was a great fix for me!

**I am not sponsored or associated with EOSHD in any way – I just really like the product for video.


Photo I took with My a6500 and 16-70mm Sony Zeiss Lens

Washinton DC Capitol Building shot with a6500

I really believe the a6500 is perfect for anyone looking for a high quality, lightweight camera that can do both videography and photography –– and that allows you to grow into the camera as your skills increase. I am really happy I went with the a6500.

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